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NOTE: The Def FX pages are no longer maintained

Def FX

(old)NEWS:  Sean Lowry (keyboardist / vocalist) was recently married (ie. around September 2001 or so).  Guests included former Def FX members Sean Fonti and Dave Stein (Fiona was noticeably absent), and apparently Alex Lloyd played!
(This tidbit of info was provided via a chat with Sean Fonti, who, as you may know, is now playing bass in Primary, along with with brother Jamie, also formerly of Caligula).

OK, obviously there isn't much happening as far as Def FX material is concerned, so the following pages are pretty much just legacy material. Enjoy!

LMVogue on Def FX
My own in-depth rantings on the band, the people, the experience, etc...
Pretty much the basic text only, content hasn't been updated in quite a while.

Here's the Def FX CDs I own. Semi-reviews can be found in the page linked above.
(images from ALT.NRG.BOND)

Water EP
"Water" EP

Surge EP
"Surge" EP

Blink EP
"Blink" EP

Light Speed Collision LP
"Light Speed Collision" LP

Light Speed Collision (US release) LP
"Light Speed Collision" (US release) LP

Post Moronic EP
"Post Moronic" EP

Ritual Eterna
"Ritual Eternal" LP

Psychoactive Summer single/EP
"Psychoactive Summer" single/EP

Spell On You single/EP
"Spell On You" single/EP

Majick LP
"Majick" LP

(I'll Be Your) Majick single/EP
"(I'll Be Your) Majick" single/EP


Laminated Blink EP Cover Mini-Poster
Laminated "Blink" EP Cover Mini-Poster

Ritual Eternal Tour Posters
"Ritual Eternal" Tour Posters

Kill The Real Girls Tour Poster (signed)
"Kill The Real Girls" Tour Poster (signed)

Spell On You Single Poster (signed)
"Spell On You" Single Poster (signed)

Majick Tour Promo Mini-Posters
"Majick" Tour Promo Mini-Posters



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