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Equipment: BSD 110, Fox custom surfsuit, rounded Da Fin, Gyroll arm leash, BSD strings The idea behind this page is still in it's formative stages - essentially I intend to present a collection of thoughts, ideas and theories on where bodyboarding and board design currently are, and where they should really be headed.  If anyone has anything to contribute, feel free to e-mail me, and if the demand is there, it may spawn a discussion forum.

In the meantime, I've posted a few design theories and ideas here to give things a nudge.  Or continue down this page for stuff about me, and my reviews of various breaks!

OK, a bit about myself... I've been riding for about 13 years, I'm a goofy-foot dropkneer, usually mixing an equal amount of prone and dropknee, depends on conditions and my mood - sometimes I'll dropknee 95%, others I may not dropknee at all.

I'm currently riding a BSD 110 (older version of the 1042), which may seem like a strange choice for dropknee (nose is 15"), but it actually works pretty good - I've used it dropknee in waves up to a sketchy 6+ foot, and it's still in pretty good nick (after almost 5yrs!).
Hopefully I'll reshape it before Summer, slightly lowering the wide-point, narrowing the nose a little (13inch), and maybe giving a slight bat tail.

I try to ride with a combination of old school and new school moves; roundhouse cutbacks and power reverses combined with backflips/ARS's, with a lot of focus on the air lately...

Design-wise, I've been researching board designs and materials for around nine years, and have developed material and design theories (based a very wide variety of materials and construction sources) that show that board design is still pretty much in it's infancy.  Sure, there has been a major improvement in not only design and materials but also the attitudes of the companies, but relatively speaking there's still a hell of a long way to go.


OK, not much here yet - still deciding how much should be public knowledge, and what should be kept secret till its unveiling.  So I'll start with advanced analysis of current design and design theories... very much a work in progress, but I'll get there!

First Post: Rails, Tails, Volume.  Very unfinished.

Second Post: This one focuses on materials.  Again, a work in progress.


Again, very much a work in progress...

Coffs Harbour Area (near complete)


A short, 1.56MB QuickTime mock video I compiled from a range of sources.


Cool Links

CoastalWatch - The best bet for finding out what the surf is doing.  Decent webcams and surf reports.

BSD - Ben Severson Designs

Fluid Zone - General bodyboarding news, pics, vids...



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12 September 2005
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